White-washed stone houses with brightly colored blue doors and trim seated high above the water.  That was the view from our ship as it anchored near Santorini.  We took a tender boat from the cruise ship to the island and walked up the donkey trail up to the town of Fira. 


From Fira we decided to hike southeast across the island to the beaches and then northwest to the town of Pyrgos.  We had read great reviews about a restaurant in Pyrgos called Selene.  Unfortunately, the restaurant was called for the season.  We still found a place to eat and had a delicious meal of greek salad, baked feta cheese with peppers, tzatziki sauce with bread and meatballs. 

image image image image 

After lunch we hiked back to Fira, walked down the donkey path & took the tender boat back to the cruise ship.


Back on the cruise ship, we had beautiful views of Santorini as the sun was setting.


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