Another busy day of exploring a very historic city.  We started our tour with the Acropolis. 

The Parthenon.

image image image

The Erechtheion & the Porch of the Caryatids.

image image 

From the Acropolis, we walked down to the Ancient Agora.


Our Lonely Planet guide had a central Athens walking tour (5.5km) mapped out that was perfect for us.  Although, we ended up starting at the end of the tour and working back to the start.  Half way into the walking tour we stopped for lunch at a place called Athens Beer.  We ordered a greek salad again and baked feta cheese.  The feta cheese was covered in honey & sesame seeds and it was delicious.  I want to try to make this at home.


Temple of the Olympian Zeus.  We made it to the site fifteen minutes after it closed.  We were a bit sad we had to look at it through the gates. 


Another day of exploring ancient sites.  Maybe this is why I took Latin in high school.

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