This post is long overdue.  We have been in the US for the past two weeks and have been visiting family & friends, so I took a little break from blogging.  I wanted to share one last story about our cruise in November.  We disembarked from our cruise in Civitavecchia, which is a port north of Rome.  We took the train from the port area to the city center of Rome.  I was quite sad to be leaving the boat, as we had such a great time onboard and visiting all the cities in Turkey & Greece. 

We headed to the Vatican City as we knew that the Pope was in town and when he is in town, he usually gives a blessing.  We didn’t realize that this was a special Sunday.  We arrived at the Vatican and thousands of people were gathered in St. Peter’s Square.  We had arrived in time to hear the readings of the mass.  Towards the end of the service, the Pope held a bronze box that contained the bones of St. Peter.  This was the first time that these bones had been shown to the public and apparently there has been some disagreement as to whether these are in fact St. Peter’s remains.  They were initially found during excavations under St. Peter’s Basilica beginning in 1939.  Pope Francis decided that they should be shown to the public & we were there on the Sunday that it happened!

image image image

Pope Francis greeting the people in the square after the mass.  We were lucky to get this picture as he passed by us.


After the mass, we took a city walk to see some of the famous sites: the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum & the Spanish Steps.

image image image image 

I was so impressed with Rome, especially after our visit to Naples that we are hoping to go back for a more comprehensive visit in May of next year. 

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