Happy New Year

We are back in Germany after a month in the US and we were sad for the time to be over.  No matter how long the time is, it always seems to go too fast.  I would have been happy with another month of basically never leaving the house to play games and eat lots of holiday food but some people needed to get back to work & I guess I should get back to learning German.  Here’s a quick recap in pictures of some of things that we did while in VA.

We went to the Air & Space Museum one afternoon after meeting Chris for lunch in DC.

image image image image 

I wanted to visit Julia Child’s kitchen (again) in the American History Museum.  It was fascinating to look at in person but my pictures are pretty bad!  We also got to see the First Lady’s china patterns from all the administrations.

 image image image image

We spent many, many hours playing board games.  We received three new ones this Christmas: 7 Wonders, Pirates Cove & Descent 2.  I think 7 Wonders was the biggest hit among us.  Pirates Coves was left all up to chance using dice, which some people did not enjoy & Descent was just complicated!

image image image

Of course, we got some new Legos to build.

image image image image

Hope everyone had a great holiday and are ready to start this new year!

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