Brussels Sprouts

I did not know that brussel sprouts were really brussels sprouts.  I just went searching for a recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s website and I couldn’t find it because I was searching for brussel sprouts.  Apparently, she has a very specific search function.  This is all to explain to you that I have only cooked with brussels sprouts one other time & that was to follow this recipe.  The sprouts were roasted and covered in a balsamic glaze, so when Christian mentioned using this recipe, which covers the brussels sprouts in cheese, I said sure.  I love cheese! 

This was a tag-team cooking effort for once! First, I cleaned the brussels sprouts, removing the loose leaves and cutting off the stems.

image image

Christian boiled the brussels sprouts in very salty water for 15 minutes.


I prepared the topping, which consisted of bread crumbs or panko, any type of shredded cheese, heavy cream, nutmeg & pepper.

image image

Mixed it all together.


Once cooked, Christian drained the brussels sprouts & put them in the greased oven dish.

image image

We covered the sprouts with the cheese mixture.


It went into the oven for 15 minutes until the cheese was all melted.


Our verdict: Christian enjoyed the brussels sprouts, while I felt that they tasted too bitter.  I think the balsamic glaze was so sweet last time I had them, that it covered the bitterness.  We also thought that we should have almost doubled the amount of cheese topping, so each bite has a bit of cheesiness.  I would be okay if we made The Pioneer Woman’s version again next time!

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