Christian was out of town for the past week, so I started digging around my desk/craft area.  I decided that I needed to finally finish my JMU (college) senior year scrapbook.  I graduated in 2004, so it has only taken 10 years to get done!  It was probably back in 2004 that I got my first supplies from Creative Memories to complete my high school scrapbook.  Since then, I had completed my first two college year scrapbooks, my brother’s high school scrapbooks, plus a bunch of other books. 

I had all the pictures plus any memorabilia stored in folders in date order for awhile now, so it was pretty easy to finish this book in a couple afternoons. 


Cutting all the pictures down to the correct sizes. There are so many supplies & tools out there to make scrapbooking easy.  I know I have a small supply compared to serious scrapbookers/card makers.

image image

Organizing the pictures on the pages.


Zots are clear, acid-free adhesives that come in three round (dot) sizes, small, medium & large.  They are the best invention ever!  It makes attaching all the photos and papers so fast.


My workspace.  Note the iPad set up in front, so I could catch up on some US TV shows.  I mostly have been trying to watch all the episodes of Parenthood.



image image

To be honest, this might be my last scrapbook for awhile.  I think it is faster to create the online photo books either through Shutterfly, Mixbook or Blurb.  You can still customize them & I even add blank pages to the back of the books, to attach ticket stubs or programs, so I can still save those items.

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