Weekend Review

Christian & I had another weekend just exploring our own city.  Christian was very excited because the Boot Messe was going on at the convention center.  We attended the Boot Messe last year, but it is basically a showcase of all the sailboats, speed boats & every other water-related activity under one roof.  Christian enjoys looking at the sailboats the most.  His dream would to be to live by the water (which we kind of do…The Rhein) but be able to go to work by boat everyday! 


image image image 

This was really cool!  They had set-up fans along this swimming pool and kids learned how to steer the sailboats. 


You could even practice your canoe skills.


The convention center is located north of the city center, so we decided to walk along the Rhein back into town.  We noticed this ship transporting vans. 


This immediately reminded us of the time that we saw a ship carrying John Deere tractors.  It was the most exciting ship on the Rhein, as normally all we see are ships carrying dirt, coal or fuel.  All necessary things but not so interesting after awhile!  Not five minutes later we spotted a ship carrying truck cabs in the front and John Deere tractors in the back!!

image image

We were smiling all the way into town after that sighting! 

image image image

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