Potato & Blue Cheese Tart

We don’t eat out a lot.  We usually like to cook on the weekends, as I have mentioned many times before and try not to repeat a meal.  There are so many recipes out there to try and you can make things as simple as you like.  I got the recipe for this tart from here.  I was originally searching for any recipe that used a tart pan.  We hadn’t used our tart pan yet and savory tarts are perfect for cold days.  I found this recipe and loved how the potato slices were circled around the tart pan with the cheese & herbs on top…yum!

We cheated.  We didn’t make our own dough for the tart, we just bought it from the grocery store, rolled it out & placed it in the tart pan.

 image image 

Chopped up potatoes & boiled them for 10 minutes.

image image 

Once the potatoes were cooled, placed them in the tart pan.


Crumbled up the blue cheese and placed over the potatoes.


Chopped up some herbs: rosemary & thyme.


Mixed together an egg yolk, heavy cream & the herbs.  Poured over the potatoes & cheese.


Baked & ready to be devoured!


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