Mini Cakes

I am always going through the pantry trying to use up anything that I think has been in there too long.  This box of white cake mix caught my eye.  I am always craving a dessert, so why not. 


I would have loved to have made a rainbow cake.  They look so pretty but Christian hates anything with food coloring.  He thinks it is very unnatural & too many chemicals.  He won’t even eat the sugar cookies that I make at Christmas because of the colored frosting!  If you want to make a rainbow cake or not sure what it is, see it here on Martha Stewart’s website.  My next thought were mini cakes.  They seem to be popular right now.  I think they are also called smash cakes because parents make them for a child’s first or second birthday.  The child has their own little cake to eat and make a mess of. 

I prepared the cake mix as directed on the box & poured the batter into the small, round pans.  The cake box filled eight small pans, so it made four mini cakes. 


As the cakes were baking, I prepared a simple chocolate frosting. 

image image

Look how pretty they are out of the oven.  They look like oversized muffins!


Each mini cake I made a bit differently.  The first one, I cut the rounded top off for the base.


My favorite cake filling…strawberry or raspberry jam with nutella.


Then I put the second layer on top & frosted the whole thing.  The following three mini cakes were some variation of the first.


I was less than pleased with the final decorated cakes.  Christian’s biggest complaint about me reading tons of cooking & home blogs is that I expect everything to look just as perfect as I see on the blogs.  If they can make a beautifully decorated cake, I think I can as well.  I then get really upset when it doesn’t turn out that way.  I know that I cannot expect this but I do.  Therefore, I am only going to show one picture of the cakes. 


Or maybe two.  Christian telling me that the cake tastes good even though it doesn’t look perfect! 


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