In January, there are tons of articles about starting out a new year with new goals and getting yourself organized.  This made me get into the organization mode.  I decided that my little desk/crafting area in the corner of our bedroom needed a little work.  It isn’t horribly messy but I just couldn’t get to some of the items easily.  If I have to drag things out of boxes & make a mess, I mostly likely won’t do it.  That was the case with the scrapbooking items.  I had everything in one big, plastic bin & to get to the stencils & stickers, I would have to pull out all the paper & stamps before I could to what I wanted to use.  I didn’t like it. 

Here’s my little craft corner.  It doesn’t even look that messy.  Although, there is a lot on the shelving unit.


Christian & I went to IKEA one weekend & bought the Alex drawer unit.  I put it together one afternoon.

image image image

Then I cleared out everything on the shelving unit & desk.


Put it all back together.  I don’t even know if you can tell a difference between the before & after but I did get rid of two storage bins on the ground.  I also now have a place to put the paper cutter, which was constantly being moved from my desk to the floor every time I wanted to use my desk.


I also put my frequently used items in the drawers, such as the electronics, tape & string. 

image image image

I have always had my markers & scissors on my desk & these flower pots from IKEA work perfectly for them. 


After organizing something, it always feels new to me, so I am excited to use the space.

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