Bread & Spreads

I am asked questions a lot about what are some of the differences between living in the US & Germany.  Do I like the food?  Can I speak German? How long do we plan on living in Germany?  The list goes on.  I thought I would share one of the food-related differences, which is what we eat for dinner during the week & breakfast on weekends.  I don’t know if everyone eats this, especially for dinner but we do.  I call it bread and spreads.  We eat either slices of bread (week nights) or bread rolls (weekends) with meat, cheese and savory or sweet spreads. 

Our most used kitchen item is the bread knife.  We get our bread either from the bakery or the grocery store bakery section.  On the weekends, Christian bikes to our bakery in our village to pick up the freshly baked bread rolls.

image image

This is the weekend breakfast table set-up. 


The main difference between our breakfast set-up and dinner besides the type of bread, is that we eat sweet stuff (nutella, honey, jams) on our bread.  I normally eat more of the sweet stuff for breakfast.  I still haven’t gotten used to eating meat or slices of cheese in the morning.  It is a little disturbing how fast I can go through a large jar of nutella!


What are spreads?  Our favorites include: Fleischsalate (bits of ham & herbs in mayonnaise), Mozarella & Tomate (just what it sounds like, creamy tomato & mozarella with herbs made into a paste/dip), Quark & Gurke (finely diced cucumbers in a smooth cheese.  Christian also likes the ones containing seafood, such as the North Sea shrimp.

image image

Meat & Cheese.  Christian usually picks out & eats the meat for breakfast & dinner, while I stick to just cheese for dinner.


We love mustard with our meat & cheese.  L to R: newly-discovered balsamic mustard (very tasty), sweet mustard (my favorite), traditional dijon mustard & spicy mustard.


It is very difficult to find the spreads & bread quality in the US.  Thanks to places like Wegman’s, the bakery department has a decent selection of different types of breads & some rolls.  The closest type of spreads that can be found are usually the ones with cheese & herbs.  On the other hand, pancakes & waffles are not really popular here.  If you are like me and occasionally craving chocolate chip pancakes drizzled with peanut butter, plan on trying to make them at home!

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