Sweet Rolls

The Pioneer Woman is known for her cinnamon rolls.  She started with the basic cinnamon rolls & then has modified the recipe to include versions with blueberries, chocolate & pumpkin.  I have made her lemon-blueberry cinnamon rolls in the past and they were very good.  I needed to bring a breakfast item to bible study a couple weeks ago & I wanted to make something that maybe isn’t so common in Germany, so I chose to make the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweet Rolls.

The dough is the same for any variation of cinnamon/sweet rolls.  You heat up some milk, sugar & vegetable oil.  Then you add the yeast & tons of flour.


Mix it all up & let it sit for an hour or so.


Add another cup of flour, baking powder, baking soda & salt.  Stir it all up & put it in the fridge to get it chilled, so it is easier to work with.


Ready to start rolling.  Spread out half the dough into a long rectangle.  Her recipe makes enough dough for two sets of cinnamon/sweet rolls.


This is the decadent part:  adding melted butter with vanilla to the rolled dough, sprinkling on a brown-white sugar mix & chocolate chips.

image image image 

Roll it up.


Slice it up.


Put them in the pans.


Spread a cream cheese frosting over the semi-cooled sweets rolls.


For the other half of the dough, I made a cinnamon sugar twist that Christian took to his work to share.


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