Zion National Park

Up until this point, all the other parks that we visited were pretty quiet.  There were usually just a handful of people at the visitor’s center & overlooks and normally we had the trails to ourselves.  At Zion there were suddenly tons (slight exaggeration) of people!  Where did they come from?  It seemed like California, based on the car license plates.  We entered the park at the East entrance and stopped at the Canyon Overlook Trail.  This is where we first encountered all those “other” visitors. 

image image

We continued further into the park, stopping for a picnic lunch near the visitor’s center.  Then we drove to the end of the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and enjoyed the views from the Riverside Walk. 

image image image

Made a stop at the Weeping Rock.


We stayed the night at the Zion Lodge which is located right in the park on the Scenic Drive.  After we checked in, Christian & I hiked to the Emerald Pools.  There was a lower & upper trail.  We missed the official trail going to the upper pool & had to do a little off-track hiking before we met up with the correct trail again.

image image image image

The following morning, we drove to the Kolob Canyons, which is located in the northern part of Zion.  It was a quick (but worthwhile) stop to see the canyons before driving on to Las Vegas.


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