Las Vegas

Here I was complaining about the number of people in Zion National Park, so I wasn’t prepared for the millions (again, slight exaggeration) of people in Vegas!  This place created sensory overload!  It was my first time visiting Las Vegas, including Christian’s mom, everyone else in our group has visited and knew what to expect.  Everything is over the top!  As soon as we arrived in Vegas, we drove straight to the outlet mall & spent a couple hours shopping.  Afterwards, we checked into our hotel (MGM Signature) & then everyone was free to do whatever they wanted.  We had almost two full days in Vegas & we only made specific plans for the group in the evenings.  Christian & I decided to spend our time visiting all the themed hotels and stopping into a couple shops. 

image image 

The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace.  As we were visiting each hotel & shopping area, we were wondering how many Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany’s & other designer shops were there in Las Vegas.  I tried to find out the numbers online, but apparently no one has compiled a list yet.  Someone did write that there were five Louis Vuitton stores but that seems too low to me. 


The first night, we visited the older part of the strip where The Golden Nugget was located.  I loved seeing all the street performers, people dressed up as the Marvel superheroes, movie characters & musicians.

image image

The second night, we went to the Bellagio for dinner & then saw the Cirque du Soleil show O, which was the water-themed acrobat show.  I had never seen a Cirque show, so I thought it was amazing!  After the show, we continued to indulge in our fascination with water and viewed the fountain show in front of the Bellagio.

image image image image 

To end the night, we visited the very sparkly bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel for drinks & people watching.


We had a great time in Vegas but I am not sure if this one of places that I need to go back to anytime soon.  Christian & I were not interested in the casinos at all & pretty much raced through those areas, if we had to walk through them to get somewhere else.  I loved seeing the themed hotels & how extravagant some of them are.  I thought the Wynn & Encore were the most classically designed (less over the top) & would love to stay there.  I am sure the other Cirque du Soleil shows would also be great to see & Vegas is a shopper’s paradise & I am a shopper…so we will see if & when we return!

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