While we were in Las Vegas, the CONEXPO was also taking place.  This is a large conference for all the construction companies in the world to showcase their products & services.  Christian’s current company was in attendance and he needed to meet with one of his co-workers, so we took a break from the hotel & shopping tours to stop by the convention center. 

 image image

While Christian was meeting with his co-worker, another co-worker was tasked with showing me the company’s machines & explaining everything that they can do!  Although, don’t ask me what the machine I am standing in front of does…it might remove asphalt or compact something on a road.


A football themed display or a transformer-like digging machine?!  These marketing departments knew their target audience.

image image

This is my last post from our trip to the US.  Now back to our regularly scheduled what we made for dinner on the weekend posts.  My father’s favorites!

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