Afternoon Tea

Sunday was my birthday & I had a great day celebrating!  In the morning, I was greeted with Christian singing happy birthday, a chocolate-mousse cake and some gifts.  We had a slice of birthday cake for breakfast. 

image image 

After church, I opened up my presents & then headed downtown. 


Normally on Sundays, the shops are closed but because it was my birthday most of the shops were open.  Truthfully, one Sunday every couple of months they have a Sunday where the shops are open & this time it happened to fall on my birthday.  The Krokusblütenfest (crocus flowers) was also going on downtown.

image image image image

After a bit of window shopping, we had afternoon tea at the Breidenbacher Hof.  It was a wonderful experience.  I normally don’t even like to drink tea but just enjoy the treats and atmosphere of going to tea but I ordered a tea called Relax with Herbs which had an orange cream flavor & it was delicious. 

image image

After we asked one of the servers to take our photo and told them it was my birthday, they brought out a piece of cake.  We ate this as well, even though we didn’t need anything else sweet to eat!  It was a perfect day indulging in all my favorite things.


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jennifer!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day!!
    Just going through your blog trying to keep up with all your travels!!!
    Tell Christian hello from Texas!!!
    xoxo Tanya

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