Hamburger Soup

We still aren’t tired of making soups.  I can’t say that we have been making them because of the cold weather.  We have had the mildest winter with temperatures most days in the low to mid 50s.  There hasn’t been a single flake of snow to fall in Düsseldorf that I am aware of.  I think soups are so easy to make, as you throw everything into one pot, let it get hot & then serve.  We (meaning I) chose another recipe from The Pioneer Woman & made her Hamburger Soup.  It was filled with lots of vegetables and a lot of ground beef (her recipe calls for ground chuck…what is the difference, I am not sure).

Chop up a lot of vegetables. 

image image

Brown the meat with the onions, celery & garlic.


Once the meat has been cooked through, add in a can of whole tomatoes.  Her recipe states that you should crush them by hand.  Christian did that for one or two tomatoes but it was so messy that I requested that he just break them up with the spoon.


Add in the remaining vegetables: red, green & yellow peppers, carrots & potatoes.


Beef broth, tomato paste, oregano, cayenne pepper & salt were added. 


Everything was left to simmer for 20 minutes before serving. 


My verdict: tasted a lot like the chili we had recently made since it had all the tomatoes & ground beef but obviously without all the beans.  I preferred the chili but I am not a huge ground beef eater, so you might like it!

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