Butternut Squash Part 2

A part two to butternut squash?  How can that be?  Well, I did say that we only used half of the squash to make the mac and cheese the other day.  What else would we do with leftover vegetables but make a soup?  I promise not to post about another soup until this fall.  I made this soup from the Whole Foods website during the week & due to the fact that I had all the vegetables necessary for the soup already cut up from our weekend cooking, it was super fast to make. 

I didn’t have enough butternut squash, so I added more carrots.


Add some olive oil to a pot & first cook the carrots, celery & onion until softened.


Add the butternut squash & the seasonings: salt, pepper & thyme.

image image

Add the chicken or vegetable broth.


Use the handy immersion blender & puree.


Done.  I found some other versions of the soup that sounded really good, where you could add apples with gorgonzola cheese or coconut.  Maybe we will try those next fall.


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