A little bit in regards to what has been going on lately (or just this weekend)…

-This weekend was a bit on the slow side.  We had great weather during the week, at least 70F (20C) & sunny.  Over the weekend it was a bit more overcast, rainy & a bit cooler. 

-We bought a new tool that attaches to the KitchenAid mixer.  It thinly slices all our vegetables.  It is fun & fast to use, although I am sure one of our many other kitchens contraptions probably already does this.

image image image

-We went to the outlet mall in Roermond, Netherlands on Saturday morning.  We didn’t purchase anything exciting, just some towels from the Möve shop.  They are really nice, soft towels.  Like I said, a slow weekend!


-The house next door has been a construction zone since we moved here.  First, they added insulation to their walls, new plaster & windows.  Now they are working on adding an addition to the back of the house.  We have had a crane sitting between the two houses for the past couple of weeks.

image image image

-One of Christian’s college friends & his family stopped by Sunday morning for a quick visit.  They were flying out of one of the airports near us & had a little bit of time to drop in to say hello.  They brought us these pretty pink flowers. 


-We decided to go on a bike ride Sunday afternoon & it started raining as soon as we stepped outside.  We decided to go anyways just to get out of the house & I am so glad that we did.  The rain soon stopped & we biked south along the Rhein.  Everything is becoming greener & tons of flowers are blooming.  Not a single picture was taken as we didn’t bring a phone or the camera, which was sad.  Here is our only evidence of the bike ride, a picture of Christian still in his cycling gear about to start on our dinner!


-We grilled out for the first time this year.  We made these turkey, herb & apple burgers sometime last year & defrosted them for our Sunday night meal.  Our freezer is so full of leftovers (& PB ice cream) that we can’t fit anything else in there!

image image

-We ended the weekend with an amazing praise worship service at a church called Treffpunkt Leben located in Erkrath.  On the first Sunday of every month, they hold an hour & half long praise worship service called Meet Heaven.  They have an extremely talented band that plays Christian songs for the entire time & in between every couple of songs is prayer, a reading from a Bible passage or another devotional.  It is all in German, except they sang maybe three songs in English.  Even the songs that were sung in German, I was able to recognize.  This might have been the highlight of my weekend!  I can’t wait to go again.

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