Black Thumb

I have two black thumbs.  Flowers/plants do not survive under my care.  We purchased an orchid last year when we visited Keukenhof.  A couple months later Christian’s mom came to visit and decided to take it home with her and nurse it back to health.  She said we could have it back but I think it has better care at her house.  It’s spring time & flowers are everywhere.  Our village is one big garden with all the farms.  I wanted to have some plants for our balcony this year.  Christian agreed & we visited one of the garden centers near our house this past weekend.

Where to start?  So many flowers and we weren’t sure which were the hardest to kill due to neglect or over-watering.

image image 

Here’s what we ended up purchasing.  I don’t know the names of any of the flowers but we did buy two lavender plants. 


I really wish I had watched a youtube video on how to plant flowers.  I kept asking Christian if I had enough soil & how deep they should go in the soil.  I threw a few rocks in the bottom of the pots based on the picture on the soil bag.


We purchased three pots and the plan was to put three to four flowers in each pot.  I thought the plants were getting smashed being so close together & by the second pot I had run out of soil!  We went to Bauhaus (Home Depot equivalent) and purchased another pot and more soil. 


Done!  Here’s hoping they survive.  I’ll report back in a couple weeks.


While I was dealing with the flowers, Christian started putting our patio furniture back together.  We dissembled our sun shade last fall & put half our furniture in the basement storage & the other half under tarps in one corner of the balcony. 

image image 

We aren’t done with the balcony yet but it is getting closer.


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