You hear about all the wonderful health benefits of eating fish.  I am not a fish-lover but Christian is.  I am happy to eat a fish stick (fried fish covered in breadcrumbs) smothered in ketchup.  I don’t think I even taste the fish, which is just the way I like it.  In our effort to empty out our freezer, I made a list of all the meals or frozen foods that we had in there so we could try to use them during our weekend cooking.  This time, we decided to make a dish with some frozen cod that was taking up room.  I found this recipe for Cod Baked in a Tomato & Feta Sauce.  Based on the picture & description, I might not even taste the fish with loads of tomato sauce & cheese…perfect. 

We first defrosted our frozen cod.


The first step to the sauce is to sauté an onion & then add in two garlic cloves and some chili pepper flakes.


Add some white wine to the onion & garlic mix and let simmer.  This was a really good white wine from one of our trips down to the Ahr Valley.


Add in a large can of diced tomatoes & let the sauce start to thicken.


About fifteen minutes later, the sauce was ready to have the fresh herbs (parsley & dill) added.


Added the feta cheese.


The cod was placed in a baking dish & the sauce was poured over it.  It then went in the oven & baked for fifteen minutes or so.


Christian thought the meal was great.  I took one bite and could taste the fish.  Not for me!  I ended up eating the sauce with some bread, which I enjoyed, as the sauce was very tasty!


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