The Hunt

My brother recently requested pictures from the Easter egg hunt that I prepared for Christian over a week ago.  The week before Easter Christian was traveling.  He got back late Thursday morning & on Friday morning we had planned to leave for Strasbourg.  Knowing that we couldn’t have a hunt in the hotel, I planned one for Friday morning before we started our drive.  It was a bit rushed but I think Christian still enjoyed it!

Christian a little surprised he had to find his Easter eggs on Good Friday!


The hunt begins…

image image image

He only had 16 eggs to find this year & he needed a bit of help on the last two eggs, but eventually found everything.


Christian brought back some yummy things for me from his stop-over in the Paris airport for my Easter treat!  I ruined his surprise though.  He called me from the airport and he had about two hours until his flight home.  I told him he should stop by Laduree to pick up some macaroons.  That was his plan all along!  Oh well, he did surprise me with the cheese-filled crepes, which were also very tasty. 


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