Happy Birthday Christian!

It’s Christian’s birthday today & he isn’t even home to be able to celebrate.  He has been traveling for work the past two weeks and doesn’t return to Germany for another couple of days.  He left right after the Easter weekend, so the same day we had the Easter egg hunt is when we had a little pre-birthday celebration as well. 


Ready to open his presents.

image image 

What?!  Only a box of fabric…what a lucky guy!


Not really…I always have to disguise gifts or he’ll guess what they are before opening the box.


He wanted a small tablet that could also be used as a telephone (for emergencies) while on business travel.  He didn’t want to have to carry around his work laptop and our light-weight but still large laptop/tablet (Lenovo Yoga).  I thought I should give him this gift before he left on his long business trip.  He has been using it to Skype with me almost every day, so I think he likes it!


I am looking forward to more birthday celebrations when he arrives home!  Happy Birthday Christian!

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