Sibling Time

My brother, Chris arrived in Brussels on Saturday morning for work.  He will be there for three weeks!  Christian is still out of town, so I took the train early Saturday morning & met Chris at his hotel for a weekend of spending time with Chris and visiting Brussels.  Christian & I had visited Belgium, including Brussels in February of last year.  It was a short day trip and cold & snowy!  This past weekend we had better weather & mostly sunny skies.

Chris was hungry when I arrived and immediately wanted to find someplace to eat.  I grabbed a map from the hotel and we started our walk to the main city center/tourist area.  The hotel was close to the Royal Palace & Garden.

image image

One-legged duck in the Royal Garden (Parc royal).


From there we walked towards the Jardin du Mont des Arts, which offered a beautiful viewpoint of the city.

image image

We finally found a place that we dubbed “The Waffle House,” and ate there.  It was our first of many meals that day.  Chris had breakfast on the plane & I had breakfast on the train, so we considered this our second breakfast.

image image

After our meal, we walked through the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, which is a shopping arcade.  There are tons of chocolate shops, a few boutiques & café’s.  We then found our way to Brussels main attraction the Grand Place, where the town hall is located.  We ended up coming back to the Grand Place probably five or six times after that & not on purpose!  I am not the best map reader (that’s normally Christian’s job), so we might have walked in circles our first day of exploring. 

image image image

We had a quick lunch of gyros at a Greek restaurant before locating the Manneken Pis, which is a bronze statue of a naked little boy (who was not naked this time but in clothes).  The crowds were ridiculous to see this statue.  We were at a standstill and couldn’t even walk through the street. 

image image

Our last attraction for the day was visiting the Cathedral of St. Michael.  We might have sat in the pews for awhile resting our feet, until we realized that a Mass was about to start.

image image image

Time for dinner!  We ventured back to the area of the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, where there was a side street filled with restaurants.  Most were seafood but we chose an Italian restaurant.


Like I said we ate a ton, so our after dinner snack were frites from Georgette’s.  They were delicious probably due to the fact they were cooked in beef fat/grease.  We ordered curry ketchup with ours.

image image

We went back to the hotel & collapsed from eating so much food.  Chris was a trooper the entire day from dealing with jet-lag & with me not knowing exactly where we were going most of the time!

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