A Year Ago

I am interrupting my postings about my time in Brussels to share that Christian is finally coming home today.  Yay!!  I have been alone too long in our apartment with outings only to the gym & taking the car to the grocery store (not something I normally do).  A year ago we were in Paris and we shared almost everything we did here.  One thing that I didn’t share was putting a love lock on one of the bridges in Paris.  I am not embarrassed enough to admit that I first learned about putting the love locks on the bridges when I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills visit to Paris. If you don’t watch, Mauricio & Kyle walk through Paris and stop on one of the bridges where couples place a lock with their initials on it and throw the key into the river. 

We chose the Pont de Solferino bridge for our lock.

image image

Placing our lock on the bridge. 

image image

Throwing the key into the river.


Posing with our lock.


We hope to head back to Paris this fall & check to see if we can still find our lock on the bridge.

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