Day 2 Brussels

We had another full day of walking around Brussels.  We started out the morning taking the Metro to the Atomium.  This structure was built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.  There are escalators and an elevator inside the tubes, allowing visitors to go in the spheres.  There was extremely long line so we did not do that.  We ended up just taking pictures and walking through the neighboring park. 

image image image

Chris really wanted to go to the Belgian Comic Book Center/Museum.  They showed the whole process of how a comic strip is made.  They also had a substantial section of the museum dedicated to the comic series, The Adventures of Tintin.

image image image 

Using the pictures of Dickie, we came up with our own storyboard. 

image image

There is actually a comic book strip walk through the city of Brussels.  If you follow the map on the website, you can see many paintings on buildings of famous comic strip heroes.  We didn’t specially go on the walk but as we were touring the city, we came across the paintings.

image image image

Our mom is arriving in Germany in a few days and I will be traveling with her back to Brussels to visit the sites and see some new things. 

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