Happy Birthday Chris! And Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of my brother’s 28th birthday, I wanted to share this video clip from Chris’ 3rd birthday.  I laugh so hard every time that I watch this.  He was obviously very excited about this birthday! 

Chris’ 3rd Birthday from Jen Jackson on Vimeo.

In the following scene, which I cut out I get smacked in the face by Chris & start crying.  He just sort of sits there as our dad tells him that isn’t a nice thing to do!  Even though I am sure we had our share of sibling fighting, I am so happy to have him as my brother.  Happy Birthday!

Chris happened to be born on Mother’s Day 28 years ago.  Every couple of years the days align & this year is one of them, so we are also celebrating our mother.  We are lucky that everyone is in Germany at this time to be able to celebrate.  Here’s a short clip of our mother a few years younger showing her kids one of her tricks.  Ignore the narrator’s comments (our father) and the cackling children at the end!

Happy Mother’s Day from Jen Jackson on Vimeo.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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