We had a fun weekend celebrating birthdays and Mother’s Day with my brother and mom in town.  We barely left our apartment but that is okay because the weather wasn’t very nice (rainy & windy). 

Birthday boys!

image image image 

I even got a few belated birthday gifts!


Look what DVD Chris received…Frozen!  He saw it for the first time on the airplane over to Belgium & said how great it was.  I hadn’t seen it yet, so maybe the gift was also partly for me!  We watched it that afternoon & now I might be a little obsessed (along with the rest of the 6 year old girls in the US). 


Funfetti cake & oreo ice cream cake.  We had an interesting number candle for the cake.  See if you can figure it out.  Hint: Chris & Christian are ten years apart.


On Sunday, we celebrated our mom with a few gifts.  Chris & I might not have showered & changed our of our pj’s until sometime after lunch.

image image 

My sewing skills are improving!  I made this ruffle apron for my mom.


Overall, such a fun weekend of celebrations!  We were sad when Chris had to take the train back to Brussels on Sunday night.  Luckily, we will all meet up in Belgium this weekend.

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