Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Chris requests an ice cream pie for his birthdays & I would always make him one when he came to visit me in Denver.  It was super simple to make, as all you needed to do was buy a pre-made Oreo pie crust & mint chocolate chip ice cream.  They have neither of those items in Germany.  Although, they do have Oreos, so I decided to just make an Oreo ice cream cake, which is almost as simple as the pie.

Ingredients: Bag/Box of Oreos, Vanilla Ice Cream (1.5-2.0 quarts) & Melted Butter (1/4 cup)

Crush/crumble 16 Oreos with either a food processor or by hand with a meat mallet or something similar.

image image

Melt a few tablespoons of butter.  Add the butter to the crushed Oreos.  I added just enough butter that the Oreos were starting to stick together.


Press the Oreo/butter mixture into either a 9in square baking pan or round spring pan.  Place in the freezer while preparing the ice cream layer.


Lightly beat the vanilla ice cream until soft and smooth.  There are just two layers of ice cream, so use half the container.

image image

Spread the ice cream over the crumbled Oreos.


Crush another batch of Oreos & spread over the ice cream.  For this layer I didn’t add the butter as I thought the ice cream would hold the Oreo crumbles together.

image image

Add the final layer of ice cream.


Add the final layer of crushed Oreos (I also didn’t add butter to this layer, but you might want to as it was quite crumbly when cutting).  Please in the freezer for a couple hours before serving.  Even though Chris had to head back to Brussels for work, the rest of us are still enjoying the ice cream cake!

image image

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