On Friday night, Christian left work and drove directly to Brussels because we had planned to spend the weekend in Brugge.  It is a little over an hour drive northwest from Brussels.  We had (finally) beautiful spring weather.  We loved this cute city & it is a place I highly recommend visiting if you are coming to Belgium.  It was picturesque and felt like you were walking into another time period.

There was a large market that sold everything from food & clothing to pet supplies that we visited first.

image image image image

Walking along one of the canals.

image image image image

The Béguinage, which is a collection of buildings for women who have dedicated their lives to God.  I believe it is similar to a convent.

image image

We took a boat ride through the canals.  It was a very touristy thing to do but worth it, as we got a view of many of the famous buildings and it was just great weather to be on the water.

image image image image image

The Market Square with the 13th century Belfry.

image image

There were horse-drawn carriages taking tourists through the city.  The horses moved at such a quick pace that you had to make sure that you stayed out of their way or I don’t think they would have stopped!


The Royal subjects.  Someone looks a little grouchy in the photo…maybe because I deemed myself Queen in the middle seat!

image image 

There was a festival/fair set-up right across from our hotel for the weekend.  We walked around the booths & rides after dinner.  We did go on the Terror Factory ride, where my mom & I screamed the entire time, especially when a man appeared with a chainsaw!

image image image image

Once again, I can’t say good enough things about Brugge.  It was a wonderful place to visit & I don’t believe that our pictures really do it justice.  I think you just need to go there!

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