Royal Delft

My mom and I drove to Delft in The Netherlands before heading back to Düsseldorf from Brussels last week. She was really interested in visiting the Royal Delft factory.  When Christian & I visited in the fall of 2012, we had stopped in the factory & did a little shopping but we didn’t take the tour.  You can read about our visit here & our visit again to Delft with Christian’s mom here.

image image

After a quick breakfast at a bagel shop (first time seeing one of those!) in the city center, we went to the factory.  It was an audio tour that started with a video of the history of the Delft Blue pottery and then another video of the process of how it is made.  We walked through a couple of rooms with displays of the Delftware & at the end went into the factory where they were working on the earthenware.

 image image

A dress made of Delft Blue pottery.  This dress was designed & shown at the International Food Floral Fashion event last fall in Delft. 

image image

The beautiful courtyard at the factory.

image image

Inside the actual factory where the pottery was being made.

image image image

Once you are finished with the tour, you are directed to the gift shop where you can buy the Royal Delft pottery.  We both picked up a piece or two to take home with us!

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