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Chris was back in Düsseldorf this weekend.  He finished his work in Brussels on Friday & took the the train to Düsseldorf that evening.  On Saturday, the weather was nice so we spent some time downtown doing a little shopping & then went down to the Rhein to fly kites. 

Unpacking the large kite & Christian showing Chris how it works.

image image

Ready to fly!

image image image image

I don’t have any pictures of my mom flying the large kite but she did a great job when she got the chance to fly it!


Christian flying his kite.

image image image

Out of the four of us, I was easily the worst at flying the kite.  I had a hard time getting the kite in the air & then steering it. 


Christian also has a smaller kite that was easier to use & fun to play with.  We then had two people flying kites & the other two people would fetch the kites when they fell to the ground and needed help to get back into the air.

image image image image

Chris really wanted to fly kites again on Sunday but there wasn’t enough wind to do so.  Maybe next visit!  Chris & mom left on Monday morning to head back to the US.  It was sad to see them go!  Luckily, they will be back in Germany for Christmas & I will be visiting the US sometime between now & Christmas as well.

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