30 Day Challenge

Christian & I are jumping on the 30 Day Fitness Challenge bandwagon for the month of June.  I noticed an event advertising this on Facebook & after seeing people “join” the event, I decided to check out what it entails. There is a website called the 30 Day Fitness Challenges & you can go to their website here:  They have a ton of fitness challenges that they have developed, so you could do one or a couple: one for arms (push-ups or triceps), one for legs (squats) & one for abs (planks).  Each day has a list of exercises that you are to perform & of course, each day the number or difficulty increases.  They have written explanations on how to do the exercises, as well as videos.  You can download the 30 day challenge on your computer or phone & track your status.


Christian & I chose the 30 Day Abs Challenge, which can be found here:  It involves sit-ups, crunches, leg raises & planks.  I originally suggested that we do the challenge in the evenings but Christian suggested the mornings before work.  That would mean I would have to actually get up before 7AM…I guess that is a good thing!  We might do a combination of both.  I think if we actually stick to it every day that will be the most important part. 

Since today is June 1st, we have completed our first day of abs exercises (in the morning, as evidenced by my pj’s…no shame) & all went well.  It felt pretty easy but it is definitely going to get tougher after the first week.

image image

We’ll let you know at the end of the month how it went!

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