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This past weekend was a long holiday weekend due to Pentecost (Pfingsten), so everyone had Monday off.  Some friends from Hamburg came for a visit.  The plan was to explore Düsseldorf on Saturday & then go camping on Sunday to Monday.  Apparently everyone goes camping on this specific weekend, therefore we weren’t able to reserve a campsite.  This didn’t stop us from showing our guests around on Saturday.  We experienced our first weekend of summer weather (hot & sunny)!

We hopped on our bikes and headed directly to the city center.  We had lunch (Flammkuchen) at the daily market.

image image

Right across the street from the market is our favorite frozen yogurt shop, Yomaro.  We picked up our yogurt & walked to the Rhein.

image image 

There was a bocce (boule) tournament going on all weekend & we stopped to watch some of the teams play.


We headed back to our apartment for a rest before heading back out on our bikes, this time to Kaiserswerth.  It is a small town north of the city.  I wrote about it here last July, when my mom & brother were visiting before our wedding.  We rode along the opposite side of the Rhein from our apartment (14km) & then took the ferry across to Kaiserswerth.

image image

We did a quick stroll through the town before finding a place to eat dinner.

image image image image

We biked home from dinner & we slept really well that night due to all our bike riding & the heat!

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