Almost Camping

Like I mentioned yesterday, our hope was to go camping on Sunday but all the campgrounds in our area were already booked.  We decided we could still enjoy the outdoors & do everything we had planned to do except for sleeping in a tent. 

We drove to the town of Blankenheim, which is in the Eifel region (low mountain range).  We picked out a round-trip hike from Blankenheim to the Freilinger See.  It was probably 20km or so, especially since on the way back we got a little lost & had a half-hour detour. 

image image image

We stopped for lunch at the Freilinger See, which was the half-way point.  Christian & I decided to not go into the water but I am sure it was refreshing since it was so warm.

image image

The hike took five hours & we were tired, maybe even exhausted afterwards!  Christian drove us back to the apartment, where we fired up the grills.  One of the best things about camping, is the food!  We had all the ingredients for pudgy pies & sausages.  If you don’t know, a pudgy pie is basically toast with filling (pizza, breakfast or actual pie filling).  We always make pizzas. 

image image image image

Dessert was s’mores! It was a perfect almost camping day.

image image image

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