New Bike

My bike is like my car.  I use it daily & prefer it over the public transportation.  I ride in the rain, snow (last winter), wind & sun.  For Christmas I received a homemade certificate from Christian for a new bicycle.  I was appreciative of the gift but I didn’t think I needed a new bike. 


We got back to Germany and I continued using my old bike.  Then my brakes stopped working, something to do with the cables.  Christian fixed that.  I needed new brake pads & got those.  Then my front basket fell off & we couldn’t get it back on.  I was having to carry batteries for my light that needed changing every two weeks or so.  My birthday approached & I was ready to start looking at new bikes.  Christian said we should check out a custom bike shop called Düsselrad.  You can check out their website here.  They sell Holland bikes, plus their own brand called (obviously) Düsselrad.  I first tried a Holland bike and I felt it was too upright & relaxed compared to what I was used to.  Then we tried their bike out & it was a great fit.  They determine the correct frame size for you & then you can select everything else: color, wheel size & color, electric motor, hand grips, saddle, gears, etc.  We ordered the bike around my birthday (end of March) & it was ready to be picked up from the shop at the beginning of May.

Surprise, surprise!  I selected a pink bike with cream colored wheels.  You might have seen a glimpse of the bike earlier this week when we went on our bike tour over the weekend.


It has seven gears.

image image

The covers over the wheels protect my back from looking like a skunk when it rains & I have a large basket for the back (which isn’t shown in the pictures).  I can also wear skirts or dresses without the fear that I am exposing myself like I did on my older bike.  It is very pretty & works wonderfully! 

image image image image

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