On Sunday, we visited one of the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea called Borkum.  It actually belongs to Germany.  To get there, we drove to Eemshaven which is a port located in The Netherlands and also part of Groningen.  We parked the car & boarded the ferry.  The ferry ride lasted about an hour.

image image

There were lots of sailboats on the water.

image image 

The island of Borkum came into view.


Once we got off the ferry, we took a train to the main part of the island, as the ferry was docked on the opposite side.  This was included in our ferry ticket price.

image image

Arriving in Bokrum.

image image

The beach. 


Don’t I look prepared for beach weather? It was windy & cool.  I was a wimp, as there were many people in bathing suits, kids playing in the sand & a few brave souls in the water.


We escaped the wind (breeze for others) for lunch at one of the cafes. 

image image

We ended up already needing to catch the train back to the ferry shortly after lunch.


Christian is already talking about visiting another North Sea island this year.  I suggested that we try somewhere that is a little bit warmer, where I could actually take off my jacket! 

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