Christian & I were at IKEA one evening.  We had just finished our dinner of Swedish meatballs and was about to head through the maze, when Christian presented me with the pink popsicle molds.  I like anything icy & cold during the summer, so I said yes, let’s make popsicles!  Note: We did have summer-like days a week or two ago but it is back to more spring-like temperatures. 


I looked up a few recipes on what to put in popsicles but it is pretty much do whatever you want!  I decided to make popsicles with greek yogurt & fruit.  I bought the greek yogurt with honey that comes in the individual serving cups.  One cup of greek yogurt is all you need to fill the 6 popsicle molds.  This yogurt had probably a tablespoon of honey on the bottom, which is good for sweetening up the popsicle.  If you have just plain greek yogurt, either add honey or some sugar. 


My plan was to make half strawberry & then half strawberry-banana popsicles.  In the end, I forgot to add the banana, so they were all strawberry. 


In the food processor or blender, add the yogurt & fruit.

image image

Fill the molds & freeze for four hours or more.


Notice that I filled my popsicle molds only 3/4 full.  Don’t do that, fill them all the way to the top.  Since making these strawberry ones, I have made plain banana & strawberry-banana.  So far all refreshing!


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