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State of the Flowers

Remember when we bought flowers for our balcony in April (black thumb)?  I thought I would give you an update on the state of our flowers.  When we first planted them, they looked like this:


The month of May was great for the flowers.  It rained pretty much everyday.  I never needed to water them.  June has required a bit more watering on my part.  I also occasionally remove the dead flower heads.  Two months later the flowers look like this:


They have grown in size and have more blooms, but we need to look more closely.

Definitely dead.  I removed the yellow flower plant (never knew the type of flower) & hope that the green bush-like plant will survive.  The death could be due to a spacing issue.  It looks like the green bush-like plant is overtaking the pot.

image image

Brownish leaves.  Based on my research, I am either under- or over-watering this plant and/or there is a bacteria growing and I will need to remove the bad soil.  The remaining blooming flowers still look pretty!

image image

Broken limbs.  We had a bad storm the other week & this one was flung into the balcony railing & has some broken branches.  I think it is okay but time will tell.


The other yellow flower plant is still alive and doing well.  It shares a pot with some lavender, which is amazing.  If I have learned anything, it is to only plant lavender.  It is extremely hardy and is planted everywhere in Germany. 

image image image

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