No trips this past weekend, just a hodge-podge of things to report…

On Friday, I attempted to make lime sugar cookies (sugar cookies with a hint of lime).  Took all the usual pictures to show you all but then the dough was so crumbly I had to add milk to get it to stick together & then there was not enough a hint of lime.  By Sunday they were hard as rock & I threw the remainder away.

image image image

I also made a sunglass case based on a tutorial I found on Pinterest (can be found here).  It was my first time sewing a zipper. 


Christian got home Friday night after being in Peru for the week.  He discovered he had bed bugs at one of the hotels.  His suitcase was not allowed back in our apartment.  He vacuumed it out & put it in a plastic bag & it is sitting in the basement.  He washed all his clothes immediately in hot water & what couldn’t go in the washing machine went into a bag in our freezer!  It is still sitting there, I need to ask him when we can remove it.


Christian also wasn’t feeling that well Friday night & on Saturday morning realized he had a stomach bug.  We pretty much didn’t leave the house on Saturday or Sunday.  He even turned on the TV to watch the World Cup on Saturday evening.  This was a surprise that he willingly turned on the TV, as it is rarely used.  We hook up the iPad to watch Game of Thrones episodes but never to watch the German cable programming! 

image image

Like I said, nothing too exciting to report…just life!

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