Hip Hip Hooray


We finished the 30 Day Abs Fitness Challenge, found at this website: on Monday.  We were so happy to be done!  We completed every single exercise.  Although, there were two days where we had to switch up an exercise day with a rest day but in the end still completed the exercises.  When Christian was travelling the motivation to do the abs challenge was lower of course, so it was much easier when we could do them together.  I had an unfair advantage over Christian when starting the challenge, as I had been taking up to three 30 minute abs classes at the gym every week.  In those classes we do tons of crunches & are required to hold a plank up to 4 minutes (which I cannot do).  Therefore, those exercises were easier for me.  While the leg raises were easier for Christian.  The worst part about the challenge was how sore (even bruised) our tailbones were!  We first started out just doing them on the floor, which is hardwood covered with a rug.  I then needed to add a towel for extra padding.  I noticed that even when I did the sit-ups at the gym on a mat, I was still sore! 

Christian requested that we do back exercises in July, so that is what we are doing this month.  I couldn’t find a specific “challenge” to follow, so we are just doing a bunch of back exercises every day.  It is nice for Christian & I to be working out together! 

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