Anniversary Weekend

While Germany was glued to their TV sets watching the World Cup on Friday night, Christian & I were starting our anniversary weekend celebration early.  I decorated the apartment with some pictures, flowers & other mementos from the wedding.  We had dinner (homemade beef empanadas), looked through our wedding book & had a slice of cake.

image image image image image image

We had our wedding reception held at the Hyatt in the Medienhafen, so for our first anniversary they invited us back.  We were treated to dinner in their hotel, an overnight stay & breakfast the next morning.  On Saturday afternoon we packed an overnight bag and biked the 10 minutes over to the hotel.  We were greeted with champagne and strawberries.  Christian is smiling in the first picture because the cork flew off and hit me in the head. Champagne is too sparkly for me…not a fan!!

image image image

We got dressed up and headed to dinner.

image image image image

On Saturday, it was really gray & rainy but on Sunday the sun was out for most of the day & it was warmer than expected!  We had breakfast on the terrace & then walked around.  It was a great weekend!

image image image

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