On Sunday, the Düsseldorf Triathlon was taking place.  The swim portion of the event was held in the Medienhafen & from our hotel window we could watch the swimmers.  The water temperature was 21C/69.8F.  We watched the sprint distances, as the Olympic distance was being held later in the afternoon.  Most people swam freestyle but there were a handful of people swimming breaststroke.

image image

After breakfast we watched the Bundesliga Frauen (Women’s Federal League) compete.  First, the swim.  Then, part of the bike & where they transition to the run.  Finally, running through the finish line. 

image image image image

Christian & I were impressed by these athletes!  They were so graceful & made it look somewhat effortless but you know that they had trained for countless hours and working so hard to finish in the best time. 

image image

We have friends who have completed in triathlons & even a half ironman back in Denver.  Christian’s cousin actually participated in this event, unfortunately we missed her as she was the first wave of participants.  A couple of months ago she had emailed Christian and others asking if anyone wanted to participate in the event with her.  I immediately said I wasn’t swimming in that dirty, cold water!!  Christian was really interested after watching the event on Sunday and was looking up more information on future triathlons and average finish times.  I told Christian that I would participate in one next year if he would.  I don’t think it will happen but you never know!

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