Drying Laundry

I think I have mentioned before that we don’t have a dryer, so all our clothes are hung dry.  The drying rack doesn’t hold all the clothes, especially if we wash bedding.  I use every available hanging space in the bathroom and all doors to drape wet laundry.


Now that it is warmer, I can use our outdoor clothesline.  The clothes dry so much faster outside & it frees up some space in our bathroom.  I have a bunch of clothespins that I keep pinned onto a piece of cardboard but I remember my grandma having a little bag in the shape of a shirt or dress that held all her clothespins.  One quick search on Pinterest led me to a couple different tutorials on how to sew your own bag.  I picked up a kids hanger from the grocery store & used some leftover fabric from one of the aprons & made one. 

image image image image image

I was so excited when I completed the bag as it looks so cute & helps out with laundry!  I think you can also use this design to store other items like plastic bags or accessories in a closet. 

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