White Walls

We have no artwork in our apartment.  We have some photos hung up but for the most part we have large spaces of white wall.  When my mom & Chris were visiting, I had made a little  & banners on the wall behind the couch.  After the celebrations, I took down the banners but left the crepe paper.  I decided to fill the space with some posters, cards & pictures.  I attached everything with some washi tape. 

image image 

The flower pictures are from our trip to Keukenhof in the Netherlands last year.


Tissue paper flowers.

image image 

A cute postcard we received on one of our wedding gifts.


Washi tape bunting.


I ordered two packages of Felt-Fetti from Benzie Designs a couple of months ago.  One set of pastel & one set of primary colors.  All you need to do is run them through the sewing machine & you quickly have a set of garland.

image image

Christian thinks it looks too girly but I like pink & how it fills the space.  It isn’t permanent but a good wall decoration for the summertime!

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