Ready for Camping

When we went camping last summer, we noticed that a lot of people had either a tent that was divided into two parts, one for sleeping and then an outer part that acted as a shade/canopy area or they had a tent and then another shade/canopy where they kept their cooking gear.  We decided that we wanted an option to have our cooking gear (table, chairs, grill) left out and not have to pack it up every night.  This is especially important since we are planning to spend a week of camping in Sweden…can’t wait!  We ordered our canopy and a couple days later it arrived.  We decided to put it up in our apartment to see how it worked!

image image image 

I did occasionally put down the camera & helped Christian assemble.  Although, it was a super easy set-up…two poles & you are done. 

image image 

It looks more like a sleeping tent than just a canopy to shelter from rain, wind & bugs!


It has two large doors that can be held open with poles.  There are also two side windows and a roof vent.


Our only concern is if we will be charged for two camping sites with setting up two tent structures so large!!

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