I just got back from spending two weeks in Greece.  My friend Julie from Denver decided to spend the entire month of July in Greece & she invited me to join her for part of her trip.  I was so happy to spend some quality time with Julie & experience a warm summer!  I met Julie in Athens, where we spent a few days exploring the city.  When Christian & I were in Athens last fall, we did a walking tour from our Lonely Planet guide that also included a visit to the Acropolis.  This time I didn’t feel like I needed to see those same things, especially the Acropolis, so we focused on other parts of the city.

Hadrian’s Arch.


Temple of Olympian Zeus. 

image image image image

We walked through the National Gardens.

image image image image

We got to see the changing of the Presidential Guards, the Evzones.  They guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

image image image

One day was spent cooling off at one of the nearby beaches. 

image image

We also browsed the Sunday Flea Market.

image image

Julie has a blog where she is sharing her time in Greece and she goes into more detail about all the things that we have been doing.  You can visit her blog, It’s All Greek to Me! here.

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