Ancient Agora

Julie & I spent another part of a day in Athens exploring the Ancient Agora.  The Agora was the Athens city center, housed the government and contained many temples to the Greek gods.

Here’s a view of the Agora from a hilltop near the Acropolis.  The Agora is spread out through all the greenery in the foreground & the modern city of Athens is behind it.


The Temple of Hephaestus/Hephaistos (patron god of metal working) is one of most well-preserved temples.

image image image image

The entrance of Odeon of Agrippa, which was a concert hall.


Possible location of the Altar of Zeus.


Julie & I in the Agora.


I was amazed by the size of the capital (the top of the column). How did they build using such heavy rock?


A church in the Agora.


On the opposite side of the Agora & Acropolis was the prison of Socrates on Filopappou Hill.


We walked up the hill to see the Monument of Filopappos & got some great views of the Acropolis.

image image image

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