Fira & Oia, Santorini

In between beach days, we took a bus to the west side of the island to visit Fira & Oia.  Both of these towns are perched high above the sea on cliffs overlooking the caldera. 

We walked around the narrow streets of Fira, stopping into shops & admiring all the blue around us!

image image image image

Below Fira is a small port, which is where Christian & I arrived in Santorini when we took our cruise last fall.  To get up to Fira you can either walk, ride a donkey or take the cable car.

image image image 

Anyone interested in a fish pedicure?  Apparently, these small fish painlessly eat the dead sink from your feet…gross!

image image

After a couple hours in Fira, we took another bus to Oia (ee-ah) the northern most town on Santorini.  I think this is the most photographed town, as it has amazing sunset views.  Our plan was to stay for sunset but we arrived a little too early into town & we were already so hot & tired that we didn’t think we could make it to sunset.  We still had wonderful views!

image image image image image image image image image

Wouldn’t you love to stay in one of those rooms with the private pools overlooking the sea?


After our time in Santorini, we took another ferry back to Athens.  Unfortunately, the sea was really rough that day & we were in a really small high-speed ferry.  You could feel the boat hit every wave & many people were sea sick!  Julie & I were so lucky that we didn’t get sick but we still didn’t feel that great & were so happy when we finally arrived in Athens.  I had only one full day left in Athens before flying back to Germany.  We just relaxed and walked around the neighborhood of where we were staying.  It was such a fun trip & so nice to have some quality girl time!

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