Greek Eats

Okay, this is my last post about Greece & it is all about food!  All of the places we stayed had a kitchen or at least a kitchenette.  We visited the grocery store wherever we were & stocked up on food for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 

Breakfast usually was cereal with fruit.  The apartment in Santorini only had one bowl & a pot.  Julie ate out of the pot!


We usually packed sandwiches for lunch, especially when we were at the beach.  When we were in Athens, we stopped a couple times at the bakery for the cheese or cheese & spinach pies.


In Athens & Mykonos is where we ate dinner at our apartment the most.  It was either pasta or salad.

image image

In Santorini, we ate out every night.  This is where we got to try out all the Greek food…gyros, souvlaki, stuffed wine leaves, fried tomatoes, tzatziki & lots of feta cheese.

image image image image image image 

I loved the desserts (no surprise there)!  In Athens, we went to the bakery & picked up a few treats.  On Mykonos & Santorini, we had ice cream, popsicles & the Greek version of Oreos.

image image image image image image image 

It was all so yummy!

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